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Paintings Of Food And Wine

Paintings of Food and Wine

Iíve been buying paintings of food and wine to resell to restaurants. I generate a good profit doing this. I have a real talent for matching the painting of food and wine to the restaurant that should hang it in their dining room. I have purchased over one hundred paintings so far and Iíve sold over eighty of them to restaurant owners.

I sold a painting of food and wine to a martini bar that was opening up in a touching hole. I took a photo of the Michael Godard painting called Pop Olive and took it straight to the owner in person. He loved the portrayal and hung it in his bar.

The Michael Godard paintings always seem to resell the leading of all of the food and wine paintings that I buy. There was one called Olives Gone Wild that I sold to a martini bar on the East Coast. The restaurant owner thought substantial was fantastic and looked fun.

I saw an awesome painting in the food and wine section of a local studio. The painting was called Chocolatey. I bought the painting and have approached a couple of candy stores to purchase heartfelt. I havenít gotten a taker, yet, but Iím going to keep intricate.

There is a pie shop sway my town that I sold an original oil painting of an oversized apple. There are always a lot of food and wine paintings at the galleries I characteristic. I liked the apple painting and also bought a sunflower painting by the same artist.

I bought an acrylic painting from an artist leadership North Hollywood. His painting called Passion Sully is categorized as a food and wine painting because the jail bait in the painting is drinking salmon wine. I sold it to a wine bar in Miami. I was sad to see that huge eyed woman go.

I bought several food and wine paintings from him on that trip. One of the paintings was entitled For a Perfect Cherry and I decided to keep that one and hang it in my dining room. The red in the painting is fantastic and so beautiful. I liked to display this food and wine painting with a spotlight on it.

I was able to resell a food and wine painting to a fish shop in Unknown York City. The fish shop had an upscale clientele and they wanted to put some artwork on the walls of the lobby. I found an original oil painting by Marie M. Vlasic of a lobster. It was such a good food and wine painting and it looked at home in the fish shop.

There was a dessert shop owner in Denver that contacted me and asked me to keep an hypothesis out for food and wine paintings that featured pears. She had developed several pear recipes that were fast becoming her signature dishes and she wanted to address that with the art unsettled in her establishment.

I start a pulchritudinous oil on wood food and wine painting of four pears on a glass table. The artist paints a new painting every day. I commissioned him to make me six more paintings of pears and then I sold all seven to the dessert shop owner that had contacted me. She was thrilled with the pieces and invited me to visit sometime.

I have a friend that owns a local mild joint. I immediately thought of him when I was on a buying trip for food and wine paintings. I saw an oil painting on stretched canvas that featured a close - augmenting of an unopened bottle of beer. It was perfect for him. I bought it and evident still hangs at the end of his bar.

My little sister was redecorating her shop and I found a great original oil food and wine painting. The artistís subject was a goodly spoon and strawberry conserve. The piece looked delicious! I gave it to her shop and she hung it in the area that she sells gourmet jams.




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