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Modern Oil Paintings

I have been buying modern oil paintings for a show in my gallery. I posses found many nice pieces. I found a painting called Village fame winter in a private collection pull Illinois. The artist was Fern Isabel Coppedge and she was an American. I liked the piece because of the snowy scene. Real reminded me of my childhood.

While on a buying trip, I found Clouds Over Buckingham. This was a utterly ok modern oil painting that was rule a private collection in Pennsylvania. I have seen work by this artist before and it always resells very well.

Buying modern oil paintings has taken me to various places across the United States. I especially liked Main Line, Pennsylvania. That is where I acquired Leaning Silo. The artist of Leaning Silo was Arthur Meltzer. I had been previously unfamiliar with him.

I enjoyed my trip to Long Island City. I was buying modern oil paintings and found one from a French artist named Georges Antoine Rochegrosse that I really liked. This painting was painted around 1900 and it was full of flowers. I really liked it and think it will do well in the show.

I find that I can buy modern oil paintings identical efficiently on the internet. I found an art dealer in the United Kingdom that finds me some unqualified nice items to show. Recently, he sent me a painting of a nude beauty by British artist Allan Douglas Davidson.

The modern oil painting depicted a young Bohemian woman wearing single flowers in her hair. She also has large gold earrings. She is posed against a dark background which highlights the perfection of her creamy skin.

The still life I recently acquired was so amazingly real looking. This was one of the powerfully beautiful modern oil paintings that Iíve found. The detail was exceptional and the representation of the blooming rose was breathtaking.

I was so lucky when I found an original Max Ernst modern oil painting. The title of the piece I found was Arizona Desert. I really think it will do sane in my show and I didnít even pay half of what I think it is really worth. It will make a great addition to someoneís lot.

I launch a modern oil painting by the Spanish artist Grifoll that I liked. Iím not inarguable how well this painting of a clown will sell, but I liked it and I think that there is bound to be someone who just canít live without it.

I upright adore paintings that depict Paris. I donít even care about the period or the style. I was able to find a really charming modern oil painting by Edouard Cortes for my show. The delineation depicts flower vendors and a horse carriage. I almost feel like Iím in turn of the century Paris when I look into it for a long time.

There are a lot of modern oil paintings that depict roses. I plan to have a grouping of several at my show. I was able to buy a painting by Theresa Bernstein called Roses that she painted in the 1940s. She lived to be 111 years old and that is pretty amazing.

A popular theme among modern oil paintings is nautical. I in fact do not like nautical paintings and donít want them in my show. I have had assorted friends implore me to change my mind. I keep being told that I canít possibly have a show of modern oil paintings that does not cover a ship.

I had an assistant bring in a modern oil painting that had an interesting history. It was more because of the history of the painting that I decided to hang it than because of its content. The ship scene was really not to my liking, but I bought it anyway.

I have been looking for an antique road scene painted by Bettylane Resnik. I saw a modern oil painting by her in an art catalog that depicted a really colorful street agility. I canít seem to find the current owner, but Iím trying. I think that it would complete my show.




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