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Buying Watercolor Paintings

Iíve been buying watercolor paintings for decorating jobs. Iíve found some really nice pieces on eBay. I recently bought a watercolor painting by an artist named Y. Gianni. The painting was produced prominence 1890 and depicted an Italian village. It was very vivid and pleasing to look at.

I was trying to find just the right watercolor painting for a client when I came across one by an artist named William B. Gillette. The colors were pastel, ranging from soft greens, browns, blues, purples and peach. The reaction was that of a pebble beach and crashing waves. The hills on unequaled piece gave the beach a feeling of privacy. It really spoke to me and my client loved it.

There was a cabin that I was decorating for a discerning client that needed one augmented piece of art to complete the look I was going for. I found a staggering watercolor painting that fit just right. It had a lot of mossy leafy colors and there was a lagoon with a lake house. The artist turned out to be Charles Dickens Wader. He is a well known artist from New York.

I have a client that collects art from Romeo Tabuena. I was fortunate to find two watercolors that the owners had purchased directly from Tabuena in the fifties when they lived in San Miguel. The owner settled with me for an even thousand dollars. My client was thrilled.

A lawyer friend of mine hired me to redecorate his office. I had a lot of fun putting in things that reflected his interests and tastes. He loves polo and I start a wonderful watercolor painting of two polo players on horses. My friend liked the paintings and they have become a conversation piece in the new office.

My friendís dad liked the career I decorated so superlatively that he commissioned me to redecorate his office. He is a hunter and I found a utterly nice watercolor painting of several mallard ducks flying above a marsh. The painting was done by Jim Killen and he has painted for Ducks Unlimited. His work is well confessed and respected. My friendís father really liked the find and proudly hung it in his reception spot.

I was really unsure where I was going to find suitable art for the program directorís office at a local radio station. When I went to visit with him for a consultation, his office was absolutely stark. I like watercolor paintings and that is my first choice for buying art. I establish a fantastic watercolor depiciton of Bob Marley surrounded by sunflowers. It was awesome and perfect for this job.

There is a musician that I was working for a tag on of years ago that important their studio decorated with paintings from the artist Raoul Dufy. Raoul Dufy made a whole series of paintings called Hommage to Mozart. I was able to purchase three watercolor paintings in this series. I have always been on the lookout for new paintings to purchase for this client.

A friend of mine asked me to asset a watercolor painting to give to her mother. I found one by Henry H. Parker that was of bovines in landscape. The frame was what caught my eye at number one thanks to it is heavy gilt. It would never hang in my house, but valid looked great at my friendís motherís house.




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