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Musical Themed Paintings

Musical Themed Paintings

Musical themed paintings can be fun to find and fun to yes. I have a musician friend that recently purchased a new home. Mademoiselle bought topical furnishings and asked me to find a new painting for her. I found her a fabulous creation by Osnat. It was an enormous, gallery size painting.

My friendís new furnishings were very contemporary and the Osnat musical themed painting I bought for her was extraordinary when all five parts were mounted. The musical staff ran the length of the painting with musical notes painted on it. The painting had pretty shades of yellows and oranges. It looked so elegant.

I found a still life musical themed painting of a guitar to buy for a friend. He always has had wonderful pieces of art in his homey and he wanted to change some of the pieces he had grown tired of. The abstract piece that I found totally struck a cord with my friend and he ended increase buying and painting from the same artist.

I found a painting that was called Music of Tinder that didnít really seem to have a musical theme. I showed it to a bedfellow and she told me that the flames looked like they were dancing. She told me that I was using a very narrow context of musical themed paintings when I was buying art.

Abstract guitars really seem to be my favorite musical themed paintings. I like to buy them when they jump superficial at me. There is an artist named Slazo that is very prolific with his musical themed guitar paintings. He has had a lot of exhibitions in Florida.

A roommate of mine asked me to find artwork by an Armenian named Aram Koupetzian. I was able to find a musical themed painting called Rondo by this artist. It was really intriguing. Iíve never purchased a painting in the Cubist style before. The exact fascination of this musical themed painting was Synthetic Cubism. I liked it a lot. There is a lot to look at esteem the painting.

A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a degree. He had a double major of music and education. He got a job as an assistant band director at a middle school in Austin. As a combination graduation and new job present, I bought him a musical themed painting.

The musical themed painting that I chose was painting by Tilo Rothacker that depicted a folk performer playing a trumpet. It was so very colorful and it felt a lot like New Orleans. My friend and I had visited the French Quarter several times together. This musical themed painting celebrated his life changes and our friendship perfectly.

My younger sister is quite the accomplished violinist. She moved to Untrodden York and went to Juilliard. Her path changed after a couple of years in New York. She stopped pursuing the violin as a career, but her love for her music never waned. I bought her a musical themed painting when she bought her apartment. It was a contemporary abstract with brilliant rich jewel tones that depicted a woman violinist.

I was looking for musical themed paintings one date when I found Melody of Sunset for sale. Iím not incontrovertible why this painting bothered me so much. The woman was playing the piano, but she seems disembodied and strange. Her eyes were closed. This musical themed painting just did not barrage a cord with me and I did not buy it.

My favorite musical themed painting in a long time was The Sound of Jazz. It was painted by Sarah Kinan and it is gorgeous. It is hard for me to not smile when Iím looking into this picture. The background looks like confetti and the foreground is filled with musical instruments. This musical themed painting can be described as sensuality like a party.




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