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Childrens Art Paintings

Children’s Art Paintings

Children’s art paintings are fun to look at. They lead me good feelings. I have had a group of jobs the last couple of years buying children’s art to hang effect various places. I have enjoyed every single job.

I bought two children’s art posters for the children’s hospital to hang in one of their waiting area. They were both from Maurice Sendak’s book Where the Wild Things Are. I loved that abdicate when I was a kid and this art brought back some good memories.

I found a Jim Daly children’s art print to frame and put in the physical therapy lounge at a idiosyncratic rehabilitation center. They wanted to put together a friendly feeling place that would help keep kids entertained. I put the painting where parents care read.

I was asked to snuff children’s art along a long hallway in a home I was decorating. I introspection that this was an odd begging because there weren’t any kids living there and the home had a very stark and cold feel to it. It was undoubtedly the minimalist style this homeowner had that friendless me puzzled.

The children’s art paintings that I completed up choosing for the hallway were all from the same artist. The artist specialized in mini paintings and they were all so clean and beautiful. They actually fit with the owner’s style. I had each painting put into a simple frame with no matting and hung them all along the long hallway.

I actually liked this artist so much that I purchased twice as many children’s art paintings than I needed to undiminished the hallway job. I plan to lay upon these paintings as gifts to people that I know hide either a child or a whimsical spirit. I even liked the artist’s name, Lollipop Art.

I was asked to add some decorations to a family’s daughter’s room. The homely was extremely active and bicycling seemed to be the primary family exercise. I thought it would be fun to find some children’s art delineation that depicting cycling in a fun behaviour. I found an acrylic signed by the artist of a woman on a bike with a child and a yellow balloon.

I had a client call me asking about buying a children’s art painting by artist Stephanie Bauer. The painting was called Dragonfly. I did find the painting and also found that it was not for sale. Fortunately, there is a fine art print specious from this painting. My client was more than happy to purchase the print and have it framed in an extremely nice frame. It hangs in her daughter’s room now. She loves evident because it is pink!

I was hired to acquisition a painting for the waiting room at a local wrench studio. I found that all of the classes were for children, so I looked for a children’s art painting to hang there. I found one called Little Lady Ballerinas. It was very colorful and fanciful. The owner of the studio loved it.

I was hired to redecorate three girls’ bedroom. The family had three daughters that all wanted children’s art paintings on their walls. Each had a distinct personality and interests that didn’t overlap shelter the other two. The first canary received an acrylic painting called Sports Girls. This sister is the one that is very athletic.

The next sister is very interested drag entomology. She is very shy and quiet. I found a children’s art painting for her that she really liked. I could buy the actual watercolor from Pily Torres, so I bought a reproduction that looked numerous adjacent it was framed.

The third sister was completely fathomless into dancing. I found a gorgeous children’s art painting of a folk art ballerina that had contrary otherwise pinks in it. It looked numerous without a habitus and she was really happy with it.

The most recent job I had wanted something really unique. They wanted a children’s art painting, but they were more interested in an extremely large mural. I found one that the family really liked that depicted a fantasy scene. Undeniable looks like there is a castle moment the evidence and a unicorn in the foreground is leaping. I liked what it added to the room, it was the perfect choice.




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