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Buying Jewish Paintings

Buying Jewish Paintings

I have a family that has commissioned me to find all of the Jewish paintings I can find. He has given me no budget constraints. Iím not sure why he doesnít have guidelines set up for me to follow; he just wants to amass a collection quickly.

I found an oil on canvas that was a Jewish painting called Jewish meeting. The trouper was Amparo Cruz Herrera. The artist is Spanish and this elbow grease exuded grace. I liked it a lot. I purchased real for eight thousand dollars. My benefactor was happy with the purchase.

My client made no distinction between Jewish paintings that were of a religious nature and those that were only painted by a Jewish person. I bought a rare Leon Bakst that was dated 1910. His subject was a person in an exotic costume. Iím not sure where my client plans to display it.

The next Jewish picture I found for him was a cityscape in oil of a deserted house in Veroia. This painting only cost six thousand dollars. Veroia is a Jewish neighborhood in northern Greece. I thought that this painting was a little bit unsettling.

I found another good Jewish delineation for my client. The title of the painting was Juedisches Oesterreich Jewish Austria and was created by Frank Ettenberg in 2004. The person that partisan me the portrayal said that the painting evoked a feeling of the artist's call of being exterior to face with nationalism, his ethnic identity and an existential situation.

I found another Jewish representation I liked for four thousand dollars. The oil painting called Birds of Paradise was painted by Maurice Sterne. Sterne was a Jewish immigrant from Russia. He was the first person to have a retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He exhibited 174 paintings, drawings and sculptures.

I form a Jewish painting of a cat that sold for thirty five hundred dollars. The artist of this work was Wettingfeld Zarojewski. I could not find any other work from this artist at all. My client really liked it. He is also a cat lover in addition to being a collector of Jewish art.

There was a phenomenal Jewish painting of a woman seated. I fell in love with it on sight. The woman depicted looks therefrom sedate and comfortable. I feel at ease just gazing at her.

I finally found a religiously rich Jewish painting for my client. The performer was Joan Landis and the title of the painting was Simhat Torah. This is the painting that was used by Pomegranate Publishing for their 2003 calendar and their greeting cards. I thought it was delicate.

I liked the Jewish painting by Joan Landis so much that I sought out more of her work. I purchased two paintings. One of the paintings was named Shabbat and the other one was Mikveh. I took the three that I purchased to my client and he fell in love with them. He asked me to find more of her work.

I found more work by Joan Landis and I purchased every one I came across. I found three more of the Jewish paintings on eBay at moderate prices. I purchased Shavuot, Purim and Birth for three thousand dollars each. I felt such I got a bargain.

I liked the colors in the Jewish painting I bought called The Tailor Shop. This painting was created by Jacob Glushakow. He was an active member of the Jewish community in Baltimore. His parents were immigrants from Russia at the start of WW1. He has a portrayal that is still kept in the permanent collection of the Baltimore Museum of Art.

I was fortunate to find two Jacob Glushakow Jewish paintings on the same buying trip. The other painting I found was entitled Barn in Maryland. I liked unfeigned a lot and my client was very pleased cover what I brought for him.




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