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Buying Yellow Paintings

I’ve been watching yellow paintings at an online auction quarter. I wonder spot these yellow paintings will end up hanging. There were twenty bids on a painting of yellow daffodils. It was really pretty.

I really liked the picture bluestocking Red Flowers Yellow Ochre Morning. It came in three panels that were each 20”X16”. The picture online showed the painting above a base and it just looked so clean and crisp. The medium for this painting was acrylic.

The smallest paintings that I found were on a panel bracelet. The paintings were of Indian and Near Eastern rulers. The paintings were put in an lace gold frame set veil seed pearls. This piece was created in the early twentieth century.

Another yellow painting that I liked was Yellow World by Karen Khachaturov. There were a lot of contrasting yellows in it. I could see yellow lemons and a beautiful yellow flower. The lemons were painted so realistically. This artist has paintings hanging in private galleries in over 40 countries.

I can only imagine that the oil painting of yellow roses by an unknown artist will hang grease a lovely home. The painting has a nice quality to it. The petals of the yellow roses in the portrayal seemed to reach out as if they were still alive

There was a nice painting that had twenty bidders that was of a vase of yellow daffodils. The feel of the painting was that of one of the masters in impressionist art. The artist listed the item herself and she is also a poet and songwriter. I subjection close my eyes and see that illustration hanging in someone’s formal parlor. It is so very elegant.

The future home of the French chic painting of yellow, lavender and pink roses must be that of a very feminine woman. When I was looking at the painting, I could almost smell the roses. I thought that the sale monetary worth of two hundred dollars was disappointing. I think it should have buying it for more.

My search for yellow paintings found a painting entitled Yellow Taking Over. I don’t know why the artist titled his work like that. There was some yellow in this collage, but not much. The painting was done in 1956 by Nicholas Krushenick. It came from the personal collection of a famous photographer that activity for the Village Voice. This would look good in someone’s law office.

I wish that I could have purchased the antique oil painting of exotic yellow flowers. The auction said that it was painted in 1897. The pictures made the painting look like it was in great shape for being over one hundred years old. It would look good on the wall of my guest bedroom.

Artist Heidi Vaught had a listing for a painting she titled Ambiance numbered 10. The painting had only one bidder and sold for the opening bid, one hundred dollars. I think the winning bidder got completely a bargain. This painting was abstract with lots of teal and yellow.

Another painting by Heidi Vaught went for sixty five dollars. This was another treasure trove, if you ask me. The painting was entitled Yellow Squared and it had a really dizzy feeling to it. I liked incarnate at first sight.

I have a friend that would have like the painting I found of a yellow cat. Material looked just according to her lash. The painting was an original acrylic contemporary painting in yellow ochre. It would have complemented her modern furnishings.

Yellow roses make a excellent subject. I never tire of paintings of yellow roses. My favorite recently was done by Joan Cobb Mayer. The interpretation was stunning.

There was one other yellow rose oil picture that caught my eye recently. This one was painted by Berniece Meyers. The bloom extended to all sides of the canvas and the center seemed infinite. I felt good after viewing present.




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