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Love Of Asian Botanical Paintings

Love of Asian Botanical Paintings

I have a love for Asian botanical paintings. Iíve been seeking them out for a deep time. I have many in my collection and love each and every one of them.

The first Asian botanical painting that I bought was Vietnamese. It was particular of a series of twelve paintings that I bought that were created by Vu Viet Hung. I have them all over my home.

These oil landscapes by Vu Viet Hung are stunning. These Asian botanical paintings really set a standstill tone in my home. The subtleties of the colors and the simple themes go so well on my walls.

I found a lovely Asian botanical painting quite by chance at a yard sale. I donít repeatedly make a habit of looking for paintings at yard sales, but this onliest was displayed out front and enticed me to stop. At first glance, I thought I was looking at a painting of a palm tree. At closer inspection, I found that the painting was of a bonsai tree.

My office has a more up-to-date feel than the rest of my house. I have found that I analogous to have an abstract Asian botanical painting to ponder while I am thinking. I searched for a long time to find just the right piece to hang there. I finally found a piece by an artist named Soniei called Message.

Soniei has a collection called the New Zen Sho Collection. I love his work. The abstract that I bought is considered an Asian botanical painting because it individualism bamboo. Leadership addition to the bamboo, there is fair calligraphy.

I have my eye on another Asian botanical painting by Soniei that has shades of sea - foam green. It is much more subdued than the one I bought called Enlightenment. This one is called Self - awareness and it is just lovely. It is another painting of bamboo.

My mother - in - law admires the Asian botanical paintings that I find. I found one that I really liked at a gallery in Hartford while I was on vacation. It did not germane with my home and so I bought it for her. She has really enjoyed heartfelt. It features two flowering trees in acrylic on two panels. The painting really is stunning with all of the shades of red. It looks great in her house.

My husband isnít as big a fan of Asian botanical paintings as I am. They just donít speak to him. He has allowed me to off one painting in his office because he approved of the color scheme. The Asian botanical painting he chose for me to hang for him was a black and white.

Our daughter loves watercolor Asian botanical paintings on fabric. She keeps her eye out for advertisements prominence our local paper for people selling them. She has already purchased three. She is chipper on her way to her own collection.

Bamboo is the most popular subject in Asian botanical paintings. I have found so many paintings in so many otherwise mediums that all feature bamboo. I catch myself buying so many paintings that Iíve started giving them as gifts for friends and family for house warming gifts.

My sister recently bought a condo and I gave her an Asian botanical painting of happy birds and bamboo. She liked the watercolor and asked me to bargain her two more to hang throughout her home. I was able to find several more at the same shop that were created by the same artist.

The other Asian botanical paintings were of snow bamboo in moonlight and green bamboo. Iíll keep checking back at that store for new paintings. Baby doll said that lady could probably use one or two more.

I am planning to redecorate my kitchen. I do not like the French Field dťcor that the previous owner chose. I would prefer that my kitchen reflect my personality better. I will absolutely need an Asian botanical painting hung prominently in my kitchen.

I have the perfect Asian botanical painting in mind already. It is a nice Chinese painting that was done on rice paper with ink, water and color. It is mounted with nice silk border by an accomplished and is like mad to frame.




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